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Want to understand each other fluently during multilingual meetings and events? With a qualified conference interpreter by your side, you can listen to the speaker in your own language and express yourself in your mother tongue.

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Solid experience in

social dialogue

  • trade union meetings

  • (European) works councils

  • CPPW (work committees)


  • parliament

  • civil service

  • commissions


  • conferences

  • webinars

  • colloquia

Interpreting solutions tailored to your needs

The technical side

I like to go over the technical possibilities together. Depending on the context and the number of participants, we can work with an interpreters' case or interpreter booth.

Feel free to contact me to discuss the options further.

Online interpreting

I have successfully completed countless online interpreting assignments. Whether the meeting or event you’re hosting is in-person or online, you can count on me. 

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