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Nice to meet you

I’m Jozefien, your pen or voice in Dutch. Curious about the person behind the keyboard or microphone? Keep reading.

Languages as a common

You know that feeling when the puzzle pieces all fall into place? That’s how I felt during my first ever French lesson. Since then, languages have been the focus of my studies and career.

During my translator and interpreter training at Ghent University, not only did I learn the tricks of the trade, but I also realised that languages play a key role in many sectors. Translators and interpreters allow us to understand each other easily and make it possible to reach new markets.

As a freelance translator and conference interpreter, I have been bridging the language gaps for companies and organisations since 2020. To top it all off, I always value friendly and clear communication and above all, a smooth translation or interpretation.

Jozefien Maricou - vertaler en conferentietolk

Ghent University alumna

Bachelor of Applied Linguistics

Dutch | French | German
semester abroad in Heidelberg, Germany

Master in Interpreting

Dutch | French | German 
English elective
Master’s thesis on relay interpreting

Postgraduate Conference Interpreting

French-Dutch and vice versa

Experience in the language sector

French-English-Dutch translator (Ghent University)

in the Social Law department

German teacher (Ghent University language centre)

French interpreting assistant (Ghent University)

French specialised interpreting practice during the Interpreting Master’s

French-Dutch translator and interpreter (ACOD)

public services union

Continuous education


Interpreters in Brussels Practice Group (IBPG)

practice sessions in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in all my language combinations with feedback from fellow interpreters


Schrijven voor het web

course (in Dutch) on writing texts for websites with practical examples and writing exercises

every year since 2020

Terp Summit

three-day online conference on evolutions in the interpreting industry, interpretation technology and marketing for interpreters

January-April 2022

Atelier français B

The Interpreting Coach

12 online practice sessions in Dutch-French simultaneous interpreting with individual feedback, preparation exercises and terminological study

20-25 August 2023

Intensivwoche zur deutschen Sprache, Politik und Kultur für Dolmetscher in Berlin

summer course in Berlin covering German current affairs and politics, terminological study and thematic sessions on topics such as the German government, energy legislation, defence strategy and climate change

29 September 2023

Be Word Conference

Conference of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters on being a language professional in 2023

29 February 2024

Werve(le)nd Schrijven

one-day copywriting training with a focus on 9 practical techniques to write convincing copy in Dutch

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